The title of our vision campaign will be “Becoming a Parable Church.” Why? Because just as parables provide captivating glimpses of who God is and what God is like, so does First Baptist Church of Asheville when we’re at our best. We believe our church—like Jesus’ parables—has extraordinary and surprising gifts to share with the world. We also believe parable themes will keep us focused on Scripture as we ask God’s Spirit to guide us.

Yet, Jesus’ parables are given not only to be read, but to be lived. That’s the purpose of this vision campaign. So, we invite you to wonder how our church can build on the extraordinary gifts God has given us. How can we, through our mission and ministries, show the world glimpses of God’s kingdom that are at once both surprising and revelatory?

Our ultimate hope is for First Baptist Church of Asheville to be like a living parable, giving the world glimpses of who God is and what God is like by the way we live our faith. Come and join us on this new adventure!

— Mack Dennis

In January, the deacons will launch a congregation-wide initiative to discern what God has in mind for the future of our church and to identify and implement ministries, programs, and activities consistent with God’s leading. We will follow a strengths-based approach developed by the Indianapolis Center for Congregations and used in their work with more than 4,000 churches. The question we are seeking to answer is: “What is it that God has uniquely gifted First Baptist Asheville to do at this particular time in the history of our church, faith, and community?”

The need for the Christian church to respond to the divisiveness so disturbingly evident in our culture with concrete expressions of the love of Christ for all people has never been greater. I am challenging us to build on the blessings God has already bestowed upon our church including a forward thinking and challenging young pastor, a highly capable staff, a strong and caring congregation, active programs and missions, a strategic location, and a landmark building and campus to meet that need in our community and beyond.

Please add your voice to the process by participating in one of the planning sessions. You will have the chance to tell your personal story about what First Baptist Church of Asheville means to you and to help us envision the future God is calling us to create. Our future won’t be all it can be without you!

— Stephen P. Miller, Deacon Chair

Join in the Conversation

Our visioning work in Becoming a Parable Church demands as many stories as we can collect. Wisdom about God’s dream for First Baptist Church of Asheville will come through the voice of each person who shares his/her best experiences and deepest hopes. Search for a time below in which you can join ONE of these conversations. While signing up for a particular time will help us plan for food and facilitators, all sessions are open to everyone. Come and tell your story!

You may sign up in Bible study, by calling the church office, online, or in the Atrium December 31-January 21.

Sunday Mornings, January 21, 28, and February 4 • Dining Room
Lite Breakfast 9:30 a.m. • Conversation 9:45-10:45 a.m.

Sunday Lunch, January 21 • Dining Room
Lunch at noon • Conversation to follow

Wednesdays Evenings, January 17, 24, 31 • MB303
Conversation 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Suggested Sunday Morning Dates for Bible Study Classes to Help with Crowd Management
Consider attending with your Bible study class on this date below. If you are absent that day, choose another Sunday.

January 21 - All Classes on First Floor, Single Connection, Joy Class, Agape Class
January 28 - Young Adult Classes in Sherman Center, Classes in MB302-MB307
February 4 - Stephen, Mark, New Testament, Journey, Life Class, Loyalty Class, Youth

Prepare Now: Ready your heart for this conversation about our church’s journey with God by giving some thought to the following prompts that will guide our discussion in these sessions:

  • Tell about a time when you felt most alive, most fulfilled, or most enthused about our congregation. Share the story of this best moment. What were you doing? Who was with you? What feeling did you have? What happened as a result?

  • Imagine that it is five years from now. Our congregation is living God’s call in fresh, vibrant, and powerful ways. What are one or two things you see happening? Who is involved? What good is happening as a result? What value is being expressed?
First Hands Block 2018

Sign-up Begins April 1

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