awanitaFirst Baptist Church of Asheville offers a Student Ministry that seeks to be intentional, honest, and challenging to students from seventh grade through college. We exist to be life-giving to students by means of encouraging spiritual formation, fostering authentic community, and providing transformational experiences.

We seek to provide a student ministry that honors our key values. In doing so, we strive to be:

  • Intentional: Through carefully and responsibly mapping out our ministry plans, we will make decisions that benefit and strengthen the entire group.
  • Sustainable: By creating healthy structure and climate, we will create a healthy ministry that transcends the variability of life.
  • Faithful: Believing that worshipping the triune God is the purpose of the church, we seek to be vigilant in our efforts to seek spiritual growth and maturity.
  • Joyful: Following the scriptural command to rejoice in the Lord, we will choose to be celebrative when possible and joyful despite our circumstances.
  • Tradition Based: Believing that traditions help create identity, we celebrate and honor the traditions of our Baptist heritage, our church, and our Student Ministry.
  • Contemplative: In a noisy and stressed-out world, we commit to practice the presence of Christ in prayer by seeking solitude, silence, and reflection.
  • Relational: Knowing that the best things in life come from our relationships, we dedicate ourselves to fostering genuine and heartfelt community.
  • Service Oriented: We will seek to live out Jesus’ call to love our neighbors by living mercy and seeking justice, more specifically by participating in local, domestic, and international missions.
  • Creative: Celebrating the creativity with which our God designed us, we will honor our gifts and talents in personal, worshipful expression.

As you take a closer look at our youth and college ministries, we hope you will find opportunities to get plugged in. Please contact us with any needs or questions you may have.



Click here to register for the FBCA Young Adult Urban Immersion Trip.  This Urban Immersion program is designed to offer our FBCA young adults a chance to learn, listen, and serve alongside one another in the heart of the quintessential urban environment, New York City. The goal is not only to offer ourselves in service opportunities, but also to challenge ourselves to ask difficult questions and explore together how our faith fits into this experience.  Space is limited to 20 participants.  Register before March 10, 2016.  Trip date: June 11-16, 2016.


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