Wednesday Bible Study

CenterPeace for Adults - Wednesdays, March 12-April 9 - 6:00-7:00 p.m.
This hour offers a variety of enrichment groups for exploring faith together, including the Pastor’s Bible Study, Disciple Bible study groups, and other spiritual formation opportunities for adults.

Contact Tommy Bratton at 252.4781 for more information.

Chapel Bible Study - Coming Home Again for the First Time • Led by Terry Hamrick • Chapel

During the season of Lent we will create a space that invites us to explore some fundamental questions. “Why am I here?” “Where and how do I find meaning, purpose, and joy?” “What does significance look like in the second half of life?”

Using the work of Richard Rohr as our framework, we will follow the classic hero-tale structure of leaving home, meeting life’s challenges and returning home with a new understanding of identity.

Together we will search for our uniquely personal answers to the following: “What am I being called to BE and DO at this unique place and time?” “How do I find my way home?”

Lenten Themes in Popular Music • Led by Eddie Morgan and Tommy Bratton • SC210

Have you noticed how some songs stick in your head and you cannot get them out? This small group will offer traveling music for your Lenten journey. We will invite participants to share popular songs from all genres that are meaningful to them as they move through the Lenten season. Themes of life, death, and resurrection connect us to the stories of Jesus and help us to apply the message of reconciliation, mercy, forgiveness, grace, and self-giving love to our own stories. We will begin to listen for these themes in our favorite music and look for them in our lives.