Chapel Bible Study • Ezekiel: That You May Know I Am the Lord
Chapel • Led by Tommy Bratton
“That you may know that I am the LORD” is a phrase that occurs sixty-six times in the book of Ezekiel. It captures the essence of the visions, parables and allegories that comprise this remarkable book in Hebrew scripture. It also locates our deepest need: to become increasingly aware of the glory of God as the ultimate reality.

The study encourages us to listen to God’s call, accept where God has planted us, surrender our shame, receive a new heart from God, and to allow God to breathe new life into us. As we do, God shows us a vision of another place that God builds called “The Lord is There.” This vision inspires us to rehearse the kind of life we will have in this new place that God is building.

Modern Sacred Family • Let’s Talk About Faith
Room MB302 • Facilitated by Amy Stertz
During these five weeks we will share ideas and practical tips of how to join your child on their faith journey. We will explore the meaning and significance of communion, baptism, worship, church, and the Bible and how to share them with your child. 

Spiritual Formation • Meeting God
MB304 • Led by Leah Brown
Leah Brown will explore several lesser-known biblical metaphors for God taken from Lauren Winner’s latest book, “Wearing God.” Studying the usage of these metaphors can help us deepen our relationship with God. Reading Lauren’s book is not a prerequisite for attending this study!