Calling Our Friends to Lead

The most gratifying part of my call to this church has been working closely with people who care deeply about ministry. Though diverse in every way, the leaders of this church share one thing in common…their love for Jesus Christ as the center of our life together. Their Christ-centered focus is what enables our community of faith to thrive.

So it’s essential that we take special care each year in discerning leadership recommendations. 1 Timothy teaches us that the “elders who govern well should be considered worthy of double honor” (1 Tim. 5:17). In the busyness of our lives, we are tempted either to pass over this opportunity to build up the church, or to recommend people based on impressions rather than substance. But in matters of church governance, it’s critical that we take the extra step of considering those whose reputation for discipleship is beyond reproach.

You probably know at least one person who has impressed you along the way with their compassion, organization, eloquence, or dedication. Take note of their gifts as they match our church’s needs. We should all prayerfully consider how we complete this form, remembering how those who came before us cared for this place. Your recommendations will help the Leadership Selection Committee do their job well. And by God’s grace, their good work will enable all of us “to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20).

Mack Dennis

Thank you for your recommendation(s). All names are considered by the Leadership Selection Committee. However, the committee will not contact each person recommended for a position. Please use the following to guide your recommendations:

Recommendations for Deacon Service

Members currently serving as deacons and those who rotated from service on the Board of Deacons in 2017 may not be recommended in this process. Persons currently serving on the Leadership Selection Committee in 2018 may not be recommended for service as deacons. Persons serving on support committees or ministry councils may be recommended for service as a deacon.

Recommendations for Service on Support Committees and Ministry Councils

Members currently serving on support committees and/or ministry councils and those who rotate from service in 2017 may not be recommended for an additional term on the same support committee or ministry council. Members of the Leadership Selection Committee may be recommended for these positions.

Persons who currently hold any two of the following positions, may not be recommended for service in a third leadership position of these types (Deacon, Support Committee Member, Ministry Council Member).

The Leadership Selection Committee will be working to fill the following 40 leadership positions for the coming year beginning September 1, 2018:

  • 10 Deacons
  • 3 Members from the Finance Committee
  • 3 Members from Building and Grounds
  • 2 Members each from Personnel, Endowment, and the Child Development Center
  • 1 Recommendation from the One Oak Plaza Committee
  • 3 Members each from each of the five Ministry Councils

The Leadership Selection Committee will also recommend the church historian and church clerk.

Current Leadership

Deacons 2018: George Bashor, Jan Busey, Debra Collazo, Amanda Early, Mark Embler, Brenda Gorsuch, Bud Hughes, Julianne Lewis, Sandra Martin, Steve Miller

Deacons 2019: Kelly Belcher, Jess Chapman, Bill Clontz, Frances Corbin, Carl Dougherty, Jennifer Edney, Charlie Glazener, Donna Lewis, Bill Newman, Betty Towery

Deacons 2020: Mary Cunningham, Jamie Gorsuch, Creighton Cornett, Judson Rotan, Beattie Logan, Bob Gilkeson, Revonda Young, Scott Hughes, Terry Hamrick, Darlene Schleider

Life Deacons: Katherine Beaver, Lib Broadway, Everette Clark, Dot Hampton, Wade Hampton, Richard Hart, Sr., Wayne Jewsbury, Bill Shackelton, Glenn Wilcox, Sr.

Leadership Selection Committee: Scott Hughes, Chair; Mindy Allen, Laura Bourne, Jan Busey, Don Charles, Debra Collazo, Randy Harter, Meredith Horton, Larry Rhodes, Judson Rotan, Darlene Schleider, Chelsea Setzer, Cindy Smelter, Matt Stacey, Joel Wiens, Pat Woody, Martha Worley

Support Committee Leadership

Finance: Bill Arledge, Bill Clark, Jess Chapman, Nancy Flippin, Wendy Hines, Linda Hughes, Melissa Ledford, Steve Miller, Tom Redinger

Personnel: Bill Arledge, Jim Baley, Bob Busey, Mary Cunningham, Wayne Jewsbury, Stephanie Kiser, Sandra Martin, Steve Miller, Bob Porter

Building & Grounds: George Bashor, Ron Butler, Nancy Chapman, Dennis Hill, Craig Hopkins, Sam Lewis, Bob Morris, Karen Schneider, Jack Sorrells

Endowment: Bill Ardedge, Anne Bamberger, Dot Goulas, Wade Hampton, Diane Hughes, Steve Miller

CDC: Tina Bashor, Scott Bell, Marilyn Bollinger, Martha Ann Callahan, Melinda Hopkins, 

One Oak: Bill Anderson, Woody Bolinger, Rob Butler, Roy Feringa, Bob Freeman, Martin Lewis, Ginny Morris, Carole Martin

Ministry Council Leadership

Christian Formation-Adult: Laura Addis, David Bourne, Susan Blackmon, Martha Ann Callahan, Paul Grass, Marsha Lipe, Patricia Glazener, Jeff Gorsuch, Ed Graham

Christian Formation Council-Children & Student: Cady Bell, Woody Edney, Sarah Garbee, Bob Gilkeson, Hannah Lim, Julie Lovin, Chris Monkaitis, Melanie Pitrolo, Anne Raybon

Congregational Worship: Marilyn Bollinger, Sam Cobb, Debbie Goodwin, Jamie Gorsuch, Ruth Lennon, Donna Lewis, Mike Lewis, Tara Pratt, Allison Royal

Missions & Hands-On Ministry: Susan Burns, Sandy Carter, Cliff Christian, Creighton Cornett, Margaret Henderson, Kara Kelley, Daniel Lewis, Clark Pennell, Jim Worley

Communications & Outreach: Leesa Brandon, Laura Bratton, Buddy Corbin, Scott Embler, Molly Gorsuch, Mary Green, Michael Krooss, Alice Lewis, Tim Wilson

Please review the following information from our church by-laws as you consider recommendations for deacons, support committees, and ministry councils. Click here.

Click here to complete Leadership Recommendation Form online.