Nurturing Generosity Along the Way of Grace

Giving generously at First Baptist Church of Asheville empowers unique expressions of God’s way in the world. Each dollar given, every hour shared, becomes living grace. Through the work of a ministry council in a new program, such as FirstShine Learning center, or a staff member visiting at the hospital bedside of a member or friend, generosity unfolds as divine gift. These acts of mercy enrich our lives and call us into a deeper living of Via Karis, our own way of grace. This Rule of Life not only reminds us of how we live day-by-day, but also nurtures a well-lived life. As our church follows Jesus together, we realize the outcomes of this wise investment as we…

  • Remember we are beloved children of God and share that hope with others
  • Pray a Psalm daily and grow in our knowledge and living of the Scriptures\
  • Break bread weekly with others and celebrate communion often
  • Worship weekly with the Body of Christ
  • Attend daily to the beauty of the world in one another and in our environment

This way of grace finds life in and through the generosity of members and friends of our church.  Every dollar supports concrete ways in which our faith nurtures yet another opportunity to encounter the Beloved in one another and across our community.


Congregational Update Proposed 2020 Budget


The Finance Committee and Deacons will bring a recommendation to the congregation this Sunday morning that we adopt a 2020 budget. The congregational vote will occur in a called business meeting following the 11:00 a.m. worship service on Sunday, December 8. Thank you for your review of the budget below.

The decisions in this budget reflect the work of over 90 members serving as deacons or on ministry councils and support committees. They have worked to balance dreams for the future with the financial constraints of this season of transition. The spending in this budget reflects a 10% decrease in the highest level of actual spending in the past seven years or so. While it is serious, the faithfulness of our congregation continues to sustain dreams of a bright future and vibrant response to God’s call to share the good news of Jesus.

To date, generosity plans and non-pledged giving are running at almost $1.8 million. New and increased giving stands at over $170,000. Across 2020, about 450 households will share in supporting our work together. Please reflect on the decisions in this budget. Our direct commitments to missions remain at over 8% of the budget while many other mission efforts are scattered throughout a variety of programming and staff time. Overall, dollars for personnel will shrink by $63,034. The church is spending less on staff than it has in the past decade. Delays of cost of living increases, a reduction in insurance costs, and some decrease in support staff hours are supporting this needed change. Of the $170,276 in reductions from the 2019 budget, 37% are coming from personnel. In addition, every council and committee has worked to build a budget that best enables us to move into a new season with enthusiasm and commitment to all that is unfolding in our good church.

If you have questions about this budget, you may contact Bill Arledge, Chair of Finance, or David Blackmon, Coordinating Pastor. You may also call David at 828.712.-8623.Thank you for your prayers as we enter into a new year in this season of Advent. We wait with expectation on the God who calls us to serve across our city and throughout creation.

Bill Arledge, Chair of Finance