Sharing Resurrection Hope

Generosity 2021

On behalf of the Deacons and the Finance committee, and as fellow travelers on the journey, we would like to first and foremost thank you for your faithfulness and continued support of FBCA and its ministries. In these challenging times, you have continued to do and be the church in creative and meaningful ways. You have met the unique challenges of this time in our church’s history with your innovative spirit, your faithful financial gifts, as well as your generous donations of food to our community partners during this pandemic. As we enter a new season and a new church year, we invite you to boldly embrace the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. We challenge you to invest yourselves, generously sharing your heart, your talents, and your financial resources.
Our generosity theme this year is Sharing Resurrection Hope. As our pastor, Mack Dennis, noted, “Resurrection now means to meet extraordinary challenges with extraordinary hope.” God has given us everything we need to be the people and the church God needs us to be. Please join us in this exciting adventure.
Peace and joy,
Mary Cunningham, chair of Finance Committee
Robert Busey, chair of Deacons

Overview of Budget Proposal 2021


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Nurturing Generosity Along the Way of Grace

Why we give . . .
     The church has always depended on the generosity of its members to thrive. Yet, the church is more than a charity—it is an alternative economy in the world, by which the world may know what true community looks like. Just as the early church began by “selling their possessions and goods and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need” (Acts 2:24), so also our church seeks to embody this original, radical mission.
What we give . . .
     Scripture presents diverse examples of faithful people sharing money and possessions. We ask members to give a tithe (10%) of their income to support our missions and ministries (Deut 12:5-6). Those experiencing economic hardship are invited to give what they are able. Gifts of every amount make a profound difference by building and sustaining out congregation’s authentic Christian witness.
Where our gifts go . . .
     Our budget is a detailed expression of sacrificial love. Our gifts support: a bold and inspiring array of mission and ministries in Asheville and around the world; theological formation of all ages; our dedicated staff; and our beautiful Sanctuary and surrounding buildings, which are shared at little or no cost with our neighbors throughout the city and region.


Thank you for supporting God’s mission through our church.

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