2021 Leadership Selection Committee (LSC)

Helping Discover Leaders at FBCA

The purpose of the LSC is to appoint members to all Support Committees and Ministry Councils. With appropriate opportunity given for input from the congregation, the LSC recommends for election all church officers (other than ministerial staff) and provides the slate of Deacons for congregational affirmation. Between today, February 2, and March 3, the committee will be taking recommendations from the congregation for these positions. The Leadership Recommendation Guide outlines needed leaders. An online form also allows you to make recommendations. You may also call the church office with recommendations or communicate your recommendations to your Bible Study teacher who can share them with the church office. Marsha Lipe, 2nd Vice Chair of Deacons, chairs the LSC. David Blackmon, Coordinating Pastor, serves as staff liaison.

You may contact Marsha at rm3lipe@charter.net.

You may reach David at dblackmon@fbca.net or call David at 828-252-4781 (Ext. 321).

Your voice is a valued part of this work identifying leaders for our church.