Beautiful Belonging

 Overview of Proposed 2022 Budget

Dear Friends,

Though we continue to be vigilant with precautions, we’re grateful so many have been able to gather for worship and Bible study across the summer. The sanctuary has come alive again, thanks to your presence, love, and laughter. As we settle into this new season, we write to offer our encouragement and gratitude for your support, and to ask for your participation in our 2022 Generosity Campaign.

From Sunday, September 19 through Sunday, October 10, we will hear testimonies in worship about the difference Jesus has made in the lives of our members and community. These Sundays hold the promise of instilling new energy and focus for our mission. As well, you will find on our website,, a beautiful video of members sharing their stories on the theme of “Beautiful Belonging.” We invite you to engage these worship services and online content, that your heart may be touched by what God is doing among us.

We also invite you to return the enclosed Generosity Statement to the church no later than October 10th . Your help in this regard will enable us complete our budget process in a timely way, and begin 2022 with confidence. Every gift makes a difference in countless lives. Your offering will be no less essential this year.

Yes, the pandemic persists. Nevertheless, we continue to marvel at the ways the Spirit has blessed and sustained our fellowship. Thank you for your resilient faithfulness and generosity across this difficult time. May the Lord bless and keep us as we long for better days to come!

The congregational vote on the 2022 budget will be on Sunday, December 5, in the 11:00 a.m. worship service. Opportunities will be available for online voting for those unable to attend that day.

Nurturing Generosity Along the Way of Grace

Giving generously at First Baptist Church of Asheville empowers unique expressions of God’s way in the world. Each dollar given, every hour shared, becomes living grace. Through the work of a ministry council in a new program, such as FirstShine Learning center, or a staff member visiting at the hospital bedside of a member or friend, generosity unfolds as divine gift. These acts of mercy enrich our lives and call us into a deeper living of Via Karis, our own way of grace.
Why we give . . .
     The church has always depended on the generosity of its members to thrive. Yet, the church is more than a charity—it is an alternative economy in the world, by which the world may know what true community looks like. Just as the early church began by “selling their possessions and goods and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need” (Acts 2:24), so also our church seeks to embody this original, radical mission.
What we give . . .
     Scripture presents diverse examples of faithful people sharing money and possessions. We ask members to give a tithe (10%) of their income to support our missions and ministries (Deut 12:5-6). Those experiencing economic hardship are invited to give what they are able. Gifts of every amount make a profound difference by building and sustaining out congregation’s authentic Christian witness.
Where our gifts go . . .
     Our budget is a detailed expression of sacrificial love. Our gifts support: a bold and inspiring array of mission and ministries in Asheville and around the world; theological formation of all ages; our dedicated staff; and our beautiful Sanctuary and surrounding buildings, which are shared at little or no cost with our neighbors throughout the city and region.


Thank you for supporting God’s mission through our church.