A Sacred City Rising – Wednesdays, January 15-29 at 6:00 p.m. in the Chapel

During these three weeks, we will explore the fantastic dream that is becoming evident in our midst and how each of us can contribute to this resurrection city. We will bring into focus the newer initiatives of our congregation, as well as celebrate our ongoing mission and ministry, to glimpse the vision of what God is doing within and among us.

January 15 – We will focus on our Academy for the Arts and the upcoming First Shine Learning Center, as we seek to welcome and include all, deepen community, and nurture the God-given gifts of creativity and beauty.

January 22 – Come hear about the future of the Center for Faith and Life as it develops opportunities for Scriptural imagination and communal discernment for a lived faith.

January 29 – The fresh expressions of our desired futures find support through our Campus Master Plan, an overarching conversation about how we use all God has given us on this corner at Five Oak Street to wrap our arms around the city of Asheville.

Our hope is that for people in coming years our church will hold the promise of deep-spirited community, theological training, music and the arts, loving childcare, ministry to those without homes, special needs care, food security, and a place to find refuge, all with an active worshiping community at its heart and at its center.

Come and hear this dream and hear the voice of God calling you to participate in making it a reality.