Book Study: Practicing Midrash, Sept 17-Oct 22

Small Group Book Study

Practicing Midrash: Reading the Bible’s Arguments as an Invitation to Conversation
Tuesday mornings, September 17 – October 22 (6 weeks)
9:30 – 11:00 a.m. in MB303   
Book discussion will be led by Tommy Bratton

Have you ever been puzzled by contradictions in the Bible? Or wondered why there are four Gospels, three sets of Ten Commandments, or two creation stories at the beginning of Genesis?

Beginning with the first pages of Genesis, the Bible tells most of its stories through multiple versions, which contain both similarities and disagreements. The inherent arguments in Scripture did not seem to bother the Jewish faith. A practice called midrash developed in Judaism sometime before the days of Jesus. Rabbis and scholars sparred over opposing passages, developed theological arguments, and filled gaps in biblical stories with their own understandings.

This book will use the threefold prayer of St. John of the Cross to allow the divergent voices in Scripture to speak and practice midrash with each other, enabling the reader to join the conversation. The contradictions and arguments have a divine purpose. Not only did they prompt the Bible’s evolution over hundreds of years, but have enabled it to remain a living word for thousands of years. This pluralism in the Bible is good news for the faithful living in a multi-cultural, pluralistic age.

Timothy Moore is the writer-in-residence and former pastor at Sardis Baptist Church, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tim Moore in the Asheville area
Tuesday, October 29
11:00 a.m.        Tim will speak at the Chapel at Mars Hill University

Center for Faith and Life Event
Tuesday, October 29
7:00 p.m.           Tim will speak in the Chapel at First Baptist Church of Asheville

Fifth Wednesday in the Chapel
Wednesday, October 30
6:00 p.m.          Tim will speak in the Chapel at First Baptist Church of Asheville\