Center for Faith and Life

Connecting Faith and Life through Education, Exploration, and Conversation

The “center” is not so much a building, though the facilities of First Baptist Church of Asheville will be where most of the gatherings will happen. “Center” is, instead, the overall term for a cluster of educational and formational experiences aimed at connecting the challenges, opportunities, and callings of life with the resources of wisdom, beauty, and practice found in the Christian faith.
Our mission is to explore theological imagination, nurture vocation, and encourage engagement by offering gatherings and convening conversations at the intersection of church and world.
Four distinct approaches will be employed to address our mission:
Learning Gatherings for Education, Exploration, and Conversation
               Annual Speakers & Artists Series
Spirituality Events – including Retreats, Pilgrimages, and Labyrinth Walks
School for Theological Study – Seminary Level Theological Education for All