Class of 2023 Pilgrimage: Camino Portuguese 

Class of 2023:
This year you are invited to participate in the Class of 2023 Pilgrimage: Camino Portuguese (Portugal & Spain)! The practice of pilgrimage is ancient and sacred, and traces of faithful pathways can be found across the world and even across religious traditions. One of the most significant Christian pilgrimages leads to Camino de Santiago in Spain and originated over 1,000 years ago. The Camino in Spain has many routes, with the Camino Portuguese being the second most popular. In 2021, the Camino Portuguese attracted a total of over 40,000 walkers. The Camino and all its routes are today internationally recognized as one of the greatest historic walking trails of the world.

The physical journey of the Camino is one we will all take together, whereas the spiritual journey of the Camino is one that will be unique to us all; nonetheless, we take these journeys together. In this way, this trip is significantly different from a vacation, a study abroad, or a mission trip. We do not go on this trip to change the world for Christ; rather, we go so that Christ may change our own understanding of the world. We do not go to build or enhance some tangible thing; rather, we go to build our relationship with God and to enhance our belief of God’s presence at work in the world. We do not go for the sake of sight-seeing the Holy Spirit along the way; rather, we go that the Holy Spirit will give us sight to see the Way we should live, for God’s sake.

Registration is open through October 2. Click here to register.