Leaning into Our Desired Future

Across these past two years, our church has gathered heart and soul around our 5 desired future statements. These hopes came out of stories about 300 of us shared around tables in spring 2018. The conversations reflect the goals we long to achieve, people we want to engage, and directions that are built around our strengths as a congregation. The 5 statements are listed below with the assigned ministry council. Across the years, we have acted STRENGTHEN what we do well. We have also dreamed NEW VENTUREs. We continue this work as a sacred city rising in the midst of this city of Asheville that we call home. Join in. Work alongside us to realize this future, a living witness to God’s presence in our lives as followers of Jesus 

Via Karis Team– First Baptist will be a place where the parable path of Jesus is a way of life. 

  • Invest in following the Via Karis (Way of Grace) as our daily and weekly practice.
  • Connect our practices with daily routines of family, work, and service.

Communications and Outreach Council– First Baptist will be a church that welcomes and includes all in a way consistent with God’s love and wisdom.

  • Live in ways that demonstrate our belief in the sacred worth of all people.
  • Continue our support and outreach within the LGBTQ community.
  • Explore pathways of racial reconciliation.
  • Integrate our identity as a congregation that welcomes all into all of our communications and outreach.

Missions and Hands-on Ministry Council- First Baptist will wrap its arms around the city of Asheville.

  • Renew our relationships with persons within walking distance of our church.
  • Deepen our partnerships with those serving those in great need in our community.

Congregational Worship Council– Worship and music will remain essential and move beyond the doors of the church.

  • Identify new venues for worship as we are sent out to care for the world in Christ’s name.
  • Continue to deepen our creative connections between worship and the arts.

Christian Formation/Fellowship Council (Adults)– First Baptist will be a church of spiritual transformation grounded in Scriptural imagination, communal discernment, and lived faith.

  • Deepen our hospitality and welcome as we come together to study sacred scriptures.
  • Enrich our community through growth of interest/affinity groups.

Christian Formation/Fellowship Councils (Children & Students)– First Baptist will be a church of spiritual transformation grounded in Scriptural imagination, communal discernment, and lived faith.

  • Connect the faith development of children, students, and families with practices found in the Via Karis.
  • Provide these age groups with challenging opportunities to embody their faith throughout the routines of their lives.

Watch for more information as our commitment to these desired future statements change and grow. If you see a focus that calls to your talents, contact Tommy Bratton at 828.252.4781.  For more information and to be directed to the right council leader, schedule time to speak with David about your hopes for engagement.