Desired Future Statements

Putting Our Desired Future into Action

Across these past months, our church has gathered heart and soul around our 5 desired future statements. These hopes came out of stories shared around tables this past spring from almost 300 of you. The stories reflect the goals we long to achieve, people we want to engage, and directions that are built around our strengths as a congregation. The 5 statements are listed below with the assigned ministry council. For each statement, ministry councils were challenged to develop one project to STRENGTHEN what we do well. They were also asked to begin shaping a NEW VENTURE. In the December 3 meeting of the Board of Deacons, the councils and Via Karis team committed to 12 projects that will unfold in the coming months and years. Here are the 5 desired future statements with pending projects by councils:

Via Karis Team– First Baptist will be a place where the parable path of Jesus is a way of life.

• Share Via Karis (Way of Grace) and introduce in the Epiphany season.
• Initiate deeper teaching of the Via Karis in the Lenten season.

Communications and Outreach Council– First Baptist will be a church that welcomes and includes all in a way consistent with God’s love and wisdom.

• Implement a marketing plan guided by Chris Cavanaugh.
• Enrich internal communications between councils and through the website.

Missions and Hands-on Ministry Council- First Baptist will wrap its arms around the city of Asheville.

• Enrich First Hands mission days by deepening understanding and long-term commitments by individuals to community mission partners.
• Launch an outreach and support effort to downtown workers, especially those who may be underemployed who work within one mile of the church.

Congregational Worship Council– Worship and music will remain essential and move beyond the doors of the church.

• Raise awareness and volunteer support of worship initiative at Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women.
• Develop a systematic strategy to communicate the worship life and opportunities to weekly (or monthly) outside groups who use our building.

Christian Formation/Fellowship Council (Adults)– First Baptist will be a church of spiritual transformation grounded in Scriptural imagination, communal discernment, and lived faith.

• Enrich the role of Shepherds in hospitality, outreach, care, and class fellowship.
• Create/deepen community through shared interest/affinity groups.

Christian Formation/Fellowship Councils (Children & Students)– First Baptist will be a church of spiritual transformation grounded in Scriptural imagination, communal discernment, and lived faith.

• Create the “Commons” as a new resource for fellowship and gathering (the Commons in the new space directly attached to the gym-formerly the “gameroom.”
• Implement at least one mission event and one social event outside of class time in each Bible study class.

Watch for more information as each of these projects develop. If you see a focus that calls to your talents, contact David Blackmon at 828.252.4781 for more information and to be directed to the right council leader.