WNC Us Too Support Group

This group meets in room SC 207/208. To learn more about this group, visit wncprostatesupport.org.

Bach’s Lunch

These “mini” organ concerts will be offered from 12:05-12:35pm, after which box lunches will be available for concert goers. The music will include all periods of great organ literature and will be presented on the 42-rank Reuter Organ in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church. The featured artist will be AFTA faculty, organist/pianist Tate C. […]


This group meets in room CB 221. Yoga is open to the community. The cost is $45 per 8-week session.

Forever Fit

This group meets in room CB 222.


This group meets in room CB 222.

Lunch at the Crossroads

A ministry to the homeless in our community who need a good meal in a safe and welcoming environment. A clothing closet and food pantry are also open. Open every Thursday except fifth Thursdays.


This event takes place in room CB 222.