Stations of the Cross: Two FBCA artists combine talents to offer a visual and aural journey toward the cross. Included will be fourteen original drawings by Allison Royal with musical commentary by pianist, Tim Owings.

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Allison grew up with a passion for creating. Surrounded by many creative family members and people who encouraged her talent, it was no surprise when she decided to turn her love for drawing into a career. After graduating from East Carolina University and working for a while at Disney World, she moved back to her home state to live in Asheville. Since April 2016, she has been working with the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation as an illustrator for their Kids in Parks program.

Allison is new to the FBCA family, and has since been eager to partake in fellowship and offer up her talents as an artist. When asked to create these pieces for Stations of the Cross, she took it as an opportunity to explore and reflect on the familiar story of Easter in a way that would be unique to her. She asked a question of “who would you be during this journey to the cross?”, and found that she began to wonder more about the people who Jesus encountered. What were they thinking and feeling? She hopes viewers will ask these questions as well, and find a new perspective in which to take this journey.

Tim Owings and his wife Kathie joined First Baptist Church the first Sunday of July 2018. They are members of the Stephen Sunday School class. Prior to moving to Asheville, Kathie and Tim lived in Augusta, GA where from 1990-2003 he served as Senior Pastor of Augusta’s First Baptist Church. After retiring from pastoral work, he became a financial advisor with a national investment firm and works out of offices in Asheville and Augusta.

Musically, Tim took his first piano lesson the week he started first grade and was classically trained until age 12. Early on, he began playing hymn arrangements at First Baptist Church, Hialeah, FL where his family were members. At age 14, became the Church’s worship pianist. During middle and high school, he accompanied many the schools’ choruses and ensembles. He has been arranging hymns for the piano and sharing his gift with churches and civic gatherings for more than 50 years and has produced three CD’s of his piano arrangements.