Karis Parenting Survey Results

One of our first steps has been listening to families’ needs and values. In January and February, we surveyed 93 people from 8 Cooperation Baptist Fellowship (CBF) churches alongside First Kids and Child Development Center (CDC) parents to gauge their preferred parenting resources, values in modern-day parenting, and faith’s role in their parenting journey.

Here are some highlights:

  • Caretakers value incorporating their faith into their parenting but are unhappy with the available resources. Three times as many said Christian resources are as poor as good.
  • Science-based resources were extremely important for many, especially the 20s—40s demographic, more so than advice from family and friends.
  • People find their resources largely through friends, family, or social media. The most popular resources were books followed by experts on social media.
  • Folks really want to know what’s happening in their little one’s brain. Child development, especially brain development, is more popular now than ever before!

See the full survey at this link.