Prophetic Spirituality

Leadership Development Workshops


The two great hungers of our time are the hunger for spirituality and

the hunger for social justice – and the connection between the two

has great power to motivate people to action.

– Jim Wallis

Workshop 1:

Integrating Spirituality and Justice

This initial workshop for congregational leaders introduces the importance of integrating personal spirituality with the prophetic call to do justice, seeing both as essential components of faith formation.  We explored the concept of shalom, justice as part of the nature and character of God, the distinction between primary justice and reactive justice, and began a conversation about privilege. The video to the right is an overview of the session with the PowerPoint presentation. This workshop took place on Sunday afternoon, October 13.

Next Steps

  • After watching the video, complete the focus groups questions and return to Tommy.
  • Begin working on your Critical Autobiography
  • If you have not received a journal, pick one up from the church office.