Last month, we welcomed two consultants from Ministry Incubators to help us develop Karis Parenting resources. We enjoyed several days of planning and dreaming with our consultants Trey Wince and Rev. Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean. Around a dozen parents and grandparents came to a fun and meaningful time of sharing about the joys and struggles of caring for young children. Trey and Kenda led us through visioning and brainstorming activities to think about ways Karis Parenting can provide resources to support parents and caregivers of children ages 0-3. They also met with some Karis Parenting Advisory Team members and several pastoral staff members to walk us through the developing, marketing, and eventually selling products to the wider public. We have about half a dozen products that we will begin working on soon, so watch this space!

Trey and Kenda were very impressed with the energy and enthusiasm that both church members and pastoral staff have for the Karis Parenting project and are eager to see what results from our combined efforts. Sam, Laura, and the Karis Parenting Advisory Team will use what we learned from this experience to inform our next steps in helping parents incorporate faith-filled practices into their daily caregiving routines.